Recursivity #2 – Branching Fractal Trees

Launch It Source Code The second poem in my fractal series explores the idea of branching structures. These really are starting to feel like organic vascular structures. The rules are still pretty simple. The biggest tweaking here are some of the ways that the rules change as the depth of the recursion is increased. The default […]

Blood Moon

A few shots that turned out from the recent blood moon, or lunar eclipse. The moon is a hard subject to shoot.

Recursivity #1 – Koch Fractal

Launch the poem. Fork it on GitHub. I’m starting out a new series of programming poems using the idea of recursion. Recursion is done by taking the output of the previous operation as the input for the new operation. Lots of really crazy and interesting complexity can happen because of it. This is how fractals are […]

Stochasticity #8 – Webcam

 Launch the poem. Fork it on GitHub. This stochastic poem takes the idea of random drawing, but with a sampled color. It take the webcam, and each time one of the “walkers” walks, it draws the color that it finds on the webcam.

Stochasticity #7 – Audio

 Launch the poem. Fork it on GitHub. This stochastic piece dives into some audio. The poem uses the new Web Audio specification for browsers. It’s still a fairly experimental feature in browsers, but it seems like it will be really powerful. This piece sounds best with some headphones. I’d love to continue to explore this intersection […]

Stochasticity #6 – Weather Vectors

 Launch the poem. Fork it on GitHub. Another vector field poem, this simulation is starting to feel a lot like weather. The rules are similar to last time, but with more of the “walkers”. I find it fascinating how the lines of color converge together as time progresses, and then can randomly split apart. Theoretically if […]

Stochasticity #5 – Etch-A-Sketch

 Launch the poem. Fork it on GitHub. This poem is a little bit of a departure form the last ones. There is a vector field that spreads across the entire screen. Each vector is randomly pointed in a direction according to the simplex noise algorithm (comparable to Perlin noise). Essentially the algorithm takes into account 3 […]

Stochasticity #4 – Polar Blobs

   Launch the poem. Fork it on GitHub. I changed up the coordinate space and size of the random color “walkers” on this fourth version of the poem. I had to wrack my brains but I remembered polar coordinate space from my high school math class. The sizing difference creates an interesting effect I think.

Stochasticity #3 – Chasing

 Launch the poem. Fork it on GitHub. This third sketch is a variation on #2, but it adds a lot of personality to the random color “walkers”. They grow and multiply this time, again at a random rate. What is interesting about the growth was that I had to make it a linear growth instead of […]

Stochasticity #2 – Moving Out

 Launch the poem. Fork it on GitHub. This variation on the previous poem changes the way that the probability of the random color “walkers” is portrayed. Instead of walking randomly up, down, left, and right, they walk randomly up, down, and right only. There is a fading a effect that helps visualize how the distribution changes […]

Stochasticity #1 – Random Walkers

  Launch the poem. Fork it on GitHub. I’ve started a new series of programming poems exploring the idea of stochasticity. What is stochasticity? It’s a fancy word for the process of random events. The opposite of a stochastic event is a deterministic event. Computers are inherently deterministic machines, but I’m interested in the stochastic process […]

Another Simulator Artifact

This is another undesired artifact for my evolution simulator EvolveJS. I stopped the simulation here to debug it, and thought it looked really interesting.

EvolveJS 3d

I’m working a new and improved version of the 3d evolution simulator. I abstracted all of the vector math so that it doesn’t matter if it’s in 2 dimension or 3 dimensions. Currently I’m working on updating the UI, finishing up some 3d specifics for determining mouse position in 3d space, and then I will […]

Artifacts from an Evolution Simulator

It’s amazing to see the various emergent behaviors from developing an evolution simulator. These screenshots are unintended behaviors that are essentially bugs in the functionality. However, these bugs are generally related to the way the entities are taking advantage of properties of fitness in an evolutionary sense.

Debug Evolution Explosion

I built an evolution simulator that mutated properties on a simulation. Originally I had the rate of division as a mutable property. To my surprise a single entity would quickly mutate that property and explode on the screen in a circular ball. It was really pretty, but not the effect I was hoping for.

Debug Evolution Ball

I had an error in my boundary code when transforming logic from 2d into 3d. I was trying to constrain my entities into a spherically bound space, but they kept on breaking free and clumping on the edges.


  I’ve been playing around with an evolution simulator using the latest in web technologies. It’s all built in JavaScript. Check out the source code here on GitHub.

Glass City Miniature

I started working on a new miniature of the glass city from Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz. The building are being built out of laser cut white acrylic. My nice neat stacks of parts got tumbled together in my car. Let’s see if I can sort them all out.