New Shark Exhibit Visualizations

Let me first off say that we have an amazing walk-through tunnel and shark tank at the Aquarium as you can see from the photo above. However, when I first got the job here I thought to myself that the exhibit and space around it could really use some help. The sharks and tank itself […]

The Airport Play Area

I’ve finished my first big exhibit type of project for the Aquarium. I installed the airport play area earlier this week at the Tulsa International Airport. We had a big media event and unveiling at the airport. It was really nice, and I believe all the major news stations came out for it. This thing […]

Airport Play Area

The Tulsa International Airport invited the Oklahoma Aquarium to create a children’s play area in a waiting area outside one of the terminals. This was my first major exhibit project at the Aquarium. I designed and constructed the display. Play Area Opening The Process There were many challenges with creating this display. The first was to […]

Shrimp Boat Exhibit

The shrimp boat exhibit was an enhancement to an existing gallery space. My role in this exhibit was to develop and design the graphic elements. My role started with artistic renderings to visualize the space, and continued with developing the backdrop imagery and the informational graphics. Exhibit Images In the News Designs copyright their respective owners.

The Shrimp Boat

The shrimp boat exhibit is nearing completion. The project started out with the Deputy Director and Curator here at the Aquarium coming to me to discuss one of their proposals for a new exhibit. They described to me what they wanted to do for an exhibit and what kind of animals would be in it. […]