Demo Reel

Shot Breakdown

### The Journey of Oz


This project is an in-progress animation. I built and animated
the characters in Lightwave. The backdrop
is a hand-built miniature. The miniature was lit, photographed,
and finally composited in with the CG elements in After Effects.
All of the rain and camera motion was done in After Effects.

### The Adventures of Mr. Rat


The rat and oil were animated by using drawing tools in Flash to
draw frame by frame animation (no tweens). The style of the animation
is intentionally loose and quick. The other scene elements
were created in Photoshop. Compositing and final animations were
done in After Effects. Note that the “and Friends” part of the title
is in reference to the music to the original short.

### Aquarium Title


The title was done in Shake by compositing together various footage
I shot on a Canon XL2.

### Shark Exhibit Interactive Kiosk


This interactive piece is for my Shark Exhibit renovation project. It
was built with Flash and I programmed it in ActionScript 3. It features
multi-touch input. The shark was animated through a frame by frame animation
that was done free-hand.

### 3D Computer Graphics


Both shots were done in Lightwave. I modeled the spaceship in the first shot
and I rigged and modeled the birds in the second shot.

Matte Painting


The mattes were put together in both Photoshop and After Effects. The train
in the second shot was modeled by myself in Lightwave. The video plates were shot
in collaboration with other people.

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