Fiber-optic Shark Head Exhibit Piece

  I’ve been meaning to post this one for awhile. The end pictures ended up being a little dark, as the area’s not really lit for photography. I built a custom light up shark head exhibit piece that illustrated the Ampullae of Lorenzini. The process started with a fiberglass blank of a shark. It came […]

Aquarium Murals – Marvels and Mysteries

I recently changed jobs and had a baby, so I’ve been rather busy lately. I haven’t posted a lot of what I’ve been working on lately, so I’m planning on fixing that with this series of posts. One of my last projects at the Aquarium was to do a whole bunch of exhibit murals. I […]

Aquatic Oklahoma

Done! I digitally super-imposed it over a shot of the space were it will be going. Now time for the weekend.

Arapaima, Sea Nettle, and Crab Mural

It’s been awhile since I posted much here. I’m going to post some of the things I’ve been working on here in the next few days and try and catch up a bit. Here is a mural and gallery title graphic that I put together. The requested direction for the graphic was to have a […]

Electroreception Graphic

This graphic is intense. Especially considering it’s for a video describing little pores on sharks…

Mural Sneak Peek…

Here are some quick pictures from my phone of on my projects at work going up. Finished beauty shot will be coming up soon! The two guys working are from the printing company Meeks Litho. They do great work.

Journal Record on the Shark Exhibit

The Journal Record had an article on the Phase 1 opening of the Shark Exhibit. They interviewed me for it and there are a few quotes from. I quoted part of the article below. Unfortunately the article is subscribers only online. Oklahoma Aquarium refreshes its popular shark exhibit Shimmering ripples flowed across the ceiling, the […]

Fiberglass Shark Models

A package… for me? 8 of these guys inside all of them.   Lots of dremeling and sanding later…   After some bondo and expoxy work, the seams are covered and they have finished mouths and teeth.   Lots of airbrushing and sealing.   Time to hang them.   Shark frenzy. Notice the 2d printed […]