Fiber-optic Shark Head Exhibit Piece

I built a custom light up shark head exhibit piece that illustrated the Ampullae of Lorenzini. The final pictures ended up being a little dark, as the area’s not really lit for photography. The process started with a fiberglass blank of a shark. It came completely unfinished. I also had the taxidermy supply company not […]

Aquarium Murals – Marvels and Mysteries

I recently changed jobs and had a baby, so I’ve been rather busy lately. I haven’t posted a lot of what I’ve been working on lately, so I’m planning on fixing that with this series of posts. One of my last projects at the Aquarium was to do a whole bunch of exhibit murals. I […]

Aquatic Oklahoma

Done! I digitally super-imposed it over a shot of the space were it will be going. Now time for the weekend.

Arapaima, Sea Nettle, and Crab Mural

It’s been awhile since I posted much here. I’m going to post some of the things I’ve been working on here in the next few days and try and catch up a bit. Here is a mural and gallery title graphic that I put together. The requested direction for the graphic was to have a […]

Electroreception Graphic

This graphic is intense. Especially considering it’s for a video describing little pores on sharks…

Mural Sneak Peek…

Here are some quick pictures from my phone of on my projects at work going up. Finished beauty shot will be coming up soon! The two guys working are from the printing company Meeks Litho. They do great work.

Journal Record on the Shark Exhibit

The Journal Record had an article on the Phase 1 opening of the Shark Exhibit. They interviewed me for it and there are a few quotes from. I quoted part of the article below. Unfortunately the article is subscribers only online. Oklahoma Aquarium refreshes its popular shark exhibit Shimmering ripples flowed across the ceiling, the […]

Fiberglass Shark Models

A package… for me? 8 of these guys inside all of them.   Lots of dremeling and sanding later…   After some bondo and expoxy work, the seams are covered and they have finished mouths and teeth.   Lots of airbrushing and sealing.   Time to hang them.   Shark frenzy. Notice the 2d printed […]

Shark Exhibit

The Shark Adventure exhibit at the Oklahoma Aquarium is one of the defining galleries of the facility. One of my projects was to renovate and theme the “dry” areas around the tank. The approach to the exhibit and the ramps leading to the walk-through shark tunnel were completely reworked as if they were part of […]

Shark Ramp Airbrushing Numero Dos

This side shark ramp has been a blitzkrieg of work. I’ve airbrushed the ramp and had the murals installed in two days. I still have a little bit more blending and stencil work to accomplish today, but really this ramp has flown by. All hands have been on deck and we’ve been working like crazy. […]

Shark Exhibit Mural Artwork

I also haven’t posted the artwork of the other murals so I might as well do them right now. This was a fun guy to make. I took a photo of a great white, and then painted over him with my computer tablet in Photoshop to change the proportions and details. I moved a lot […]

Shark Exhibit Airbrushing Progress

Further progress on the shark ramps. I’m started to airbrush the walls in order to create a smooth gradient of color. I will add more details after this. As can be seen here the walls are painted in bands of blue in order to provide good coverage when I airbrush. So far this process is […]

Shark Week Promo

A promo mailer or insert for the shark week events at the aquarium  

Oil Rig Vinyls Going Up

The oil rig vinyl backdrops started going up today! I love how transformative backdrops are. I can’t wait until they are all up, the tunnel is painted, and it gets lit. I also finished the last graphic bubble today. Progress!

Shrimp Boat Exhibit

The shrimp boat exhibit was an enhancement to an existing gallery space. My role in this exhibit was to develop and design the graphic elements. My role started with artistic renderings to visualize the space, and continued with developing the backdrop imagery and the informational graphics. Construction Concept Rendering In the News Designs copyright their respective owners.

Shark Exhibit Update

I’m nearly done with the first big vinyl for the shark exhibit. I put together a quick photoshoped mock-up of what it will look like. It will be nice to have some progress.

Shrimp Boat Backdrop

They finished putting up the backdrop for the new exhibit. Talk about exciting! The colors look great and the quality of the print is perfect. The colors are spot on. It’s kind of eerie how well the perspectives match up. I put the horizon line right at my eye level, which is kind of funny, […]

Shrimp Boat Backdrop is Coming Along

They started installing the shrimp boat backdrop today. It’s pretty exciting! So far all of my measurements are coming out correct and things are lining up! Pictures of the finished (knock on wood) coming tomorrow!