The Airport Play Area

I’ve finished my first big exhibit type of project for the Aquarium. I installed the airport play area earlier this week at the Tulsa International Airport.

Airport Play Area - Kids Playing Airport Play Area - Kids Playing

We had a big media event and unveiling at the airport. It was really nice, and I believe all the major news stations came out for it. This thing has been in the works for quite awhile. I’m really glad to finish it all up. I actually got told about it my first day of work. Everyone who could work on it when I started was fairly busy so I ended up leading the project. I pretty much built everything myself with some help wiring and installing from one of my co-workers. I also got a little help painting from the Education Dept.

It was a lot of physical work to get this done, and a lot of worrying about particulars. I think it ended up really nice and it is definitely eye catching in the space. It’s installed in the waiting area at Concourse B at the airport just outside of security. There is always a steady stream of people (and children) waiting around for their loved ones. I was amazed while I was working on it how many kids wanted to come over and start playing, even though it wasn’t all put together yet. I had it all behind pipe and drapes while installing.

And finally here are two links to some media talking about the project.

The Tulsa World article which has a picture. (I will get a scan of the newspaper soon.)
An interview with me on the News On 6 in Tulsa.

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