Journal Record on the Shark Exhibit

The Journal Record had an article on the Phase 1 opening of the Shark Exhibit. They interviewed me for it and there are a few quotes from. I quoted part of the article below. Unfortunately the article is subscribers only online.

Oklahoma Aquarium refreshes its popular shark exhibit

> Shimmering ripples flowed across the ceiling, the lights dimmed as if filtered through deep waters.

The snout of a giant prehistoric megalodon loomed at one corner, beneath hanging jaws that could swallow a man. Across the opposite wall swam a school of fish, backdrop to a fiberglass shark floating just above visitor heads.

That new entryway marks the Oklahoma Aquarium’s first phase in its two-part, $100,000 project to rejuvenate its shark exhibit, possibly the most popular destination at one of the state’s most successful attractions.

But through that time, the halls and rooms guiding visitors through the walk-through shark tank remained dark, the walls unused.

Marketing coordinator and graphic artist Greg Tatum has now transformed those corridors into deep-sea presentations, using blue plastic filters resembling ocean waves to turn the overhead lights into rays shining beneath the surface. One passage represents the open seas, while the other takes visitors beneath a drilling platform.

“I looked at this as a big playground, looking at what I could do and how I could have fun,” said Tatum, who studied contemporary sculpture at the University of Oklahoma. “This was like a dream come true for me.”

Phase two, which Bowers expects to complete over the next year, will add interactive exhibits, fossils and other displays.

The displays represent the aquarium’s first move to refresh the shark exhibit since its opening. Bowers and Tatum expect the changes to help drive repeat visitations.
Journal Record

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