The Journey of Oz

The Journey of Oz is a follow-up animation to The Tin Woodsman. The animation will star the Scarecrow, TikTok, and the squeeky ol’ Tin Woodsman himself. The storyline this time isn’t taken directly from the books. Instead it’s an amalgamation of several different stories with several departures from actual events in the series.

It’s been a little bit of a labor of love. I work on it every so often, but as of late I haven’t been devoting much time to it. I’m still going to finish it one of these days…

Various Renders and Models

Concept Sketches

With a project like this, there is a lot of time spent with pencil in hand. Some of these are just loose doodles to get an idea for the scene. It will give an idea into what my process is like on bringing this project to life.

The Latest Sketches