Journey of Oz

This is a rendered image from the Journey of Oz. In this shot the Wind-Up Smasher of Oz is chasing the heros of the story–TikTok, Scarecrow, and the Tin Woodsman. The backdrop is a miniature I built out of foam, plaster, and random parts. At this point I’m not planning on finishing the animation, so […]

If I Only Had a Friend

Here’s another little drawing of some Wizard of Oz characters. This time it’s Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman. They were my favorite Oz characters when I was a kid. The coloring was done with watercolors, and the linework is all ink. Kudos to my wife for coming up with the caption.

Scarecrow of Oz

  Here is the second in my series of watercolor literary / old timey characters.  

Scarecrow Explained

I had a few people asking me about my scarecrow character so I figured I would make a post about him. Scarecrow in the books was always the one with the brains who could figure things out. He also briefly ruled the Land of Oz until Ozma took over. He’s afraid of fire, and water […]