I will crush you! I finally got this rig working. So far it works like a charm. I’ve been having a lot of troubles with Lightwave’s rigging system. I’ve been playing around a lot with different methods for putting a system together. The problem is that there aren’t any good tutorials out there on Lightwave rigging, and some of the much needed tools are fairly new in the latest 9.x updates.

I’ve got independent rotation set up for both the hips and the shoulders, what some of my earlier rigs were lacking. The hands stay put where I set them, as well as feet. I reduced the visible controls to just what I need. I can also move the entire rig, or just the body and not the external goals, or just individual parts as well as hips & shoulders independent of the attached extremities.

The only annoying thing is the two-handed hammer grip. I just have to pose one hand every time. Oh well, his motions in my storyboards don’t look too hard to do anyway.

Now I just need to re-rig all of my other characters. Sigh…

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