Old Time Baseball Catcher

This is an old time baseball catcher done in graphite. I have a bunch of sketches I need to post. I’ve not been good about scanning plus I’ve been on vacation.

Cow Anatomy Drawing

I figured I’d try to do an anatomy drawing with my own pose. It’s hilarious sitting at subway drawing at lunch with anatomy pages strewn across the table drawing a cow without its skin on. Ink on paper, then digitally colored.

WWI Soldier Inking

I’m playing around with some more inking. I was trying to render the image with large blocks of dark color to see what would happen. Coloring is all digital, the lines are black ink on paper. On a side note I also drew a shark from life. It’s kind of hard drawing in a dark exhibit with light refracting all over the page.

Painting of an Axe in the Forest

Watercolor, gouache, and colored pencil on cold-pressed watercolor paper. I will post a “making of” animation soon, but it’s too late tonight! I finally figured out how to get those bright whites and bright hues you can get in digital. “Making of” update: The first image in the sequence shows the watercolor and gouache underpainting. The watercolor is the sky portion of the image, then the rest is gouache. The trees in the distance that I add were done with watercolor, with some gouache additions as well. Later on in the piece I started adding some details in colored pencils. The first...

Gouache Painting of a Bald Eagle

Another little gouache painting of an eagle. For some reason when I took a photo straight on I didn’t like how it looked, so I took one like this.

Gouache Rhino Painting and Inking

This is my first time to use gouache. I think I’m in love. I’d read online that inking on top of gouache wasn’t a good idea, but I went ahead and did it. The pens would “gunk up” and not put ink down, but then I just used them on another piece of paper for a bit and they would start running again. I might have to experiment with it some. I’m also using my new drafting table. I’m in love with it! It’s a much more pleasant and ergonomic space to work on. I love the little draw that slides...

Aldabra Giant Tortoise Illustration

This is my third inking. Micron pens on sketch paper, with digital coloring and layout. I’m really starting to like this process. I’m trying to see what all I can do with it.

Ink Drawing of a Tiger

I did this sketch of a tiger from some reference that I took out at the zoo. This is my second inking to do. I’m starting to like the process. It takes me 2 lunches instead of one to do a drawing but it definitely has a level of polish to it that pencils just can’t compete with. Coloring is digital.

Cat & Rat

This was my first real time to work with a pen. I’d done other smaller things and immediately felt in over my head. I think I might be able to work on this process and get it to work better for me. Definitely a study piece I want to do more pen now.

Sketch of a Rat

I drew a rat at lunch. I’ve been playing around with a different technique involving spreading the graphite around with a tissue early in the drawing process, spreading the midtones. Then I added in darker values and picked out highlights with an eraser.

Jean Sibelius Portrait

This is my first attempt at watercolors ever! It’s a portrait of Jean Sibelius, the Finnish composer. I’ve been listening to his 6th & 7th symphonies all day long. Watercolor, chalk, and graphite on gray paper.

Ancient Sharks

Xenacanthus, a freshwater shark that had an eel-like body. Stethacanthus. The dorsal fin and top of the head were full of teeth, essentially modified dermal dentacles, theorized for use in either mating or hitching ride on larger animals. Freaky either way. Helicoprion or whorl-toothed shark. This freaky animal had a spiral of teeth jutting from its jaw that was probably used for slashing through schools of fishing, or specially suited to getting through the yummy protections of the nautilus.I did a small series of ancient sharks for the shark exhibit that I thought I would share here. I had a lot of...

Life Drawing Session

Thumbnailed for drawn nudity. Charcoal & Chalk on Gray Paper, 20 min. Charcoal & Chalk on Gray Paper, 20 min. China Marker on Newsprint...

Figures From Imagination

I’m going to start doing figures from my imagination. This one turned out pretty well I think. It’s kind of a silly pose but hopefully I’ll come up with some fun ones.