Shrimp Boat Concept

The shrimp boat exhibit is nearing completion. The project started out with the Deputy Director and Curator here at the Aquarium coming to me to discuss one of their proposals for a new exhibit. They described to me what they wanted to do for an exhibit and what kind of animals would be in it. We walked to the potential spaces and they walked me through what they were thinking. I created a graphic for the first location. They decided to tweak again and asked me to create a new one. The second one wasn’t so great so they tweaked some more and then changed it to the third and final location in the facility. The Deputy Director drew a top down view of where everything would be located, and then handed off a scan to me.

I was tired of recreating the graphics in Illustrator from scratch so I did a 3d model in Lightwave I could tweak easier later (in case the location changed again). So I waved my magic stylus and finished up the final rendering of the space. Everyone loved it, the project got approval, the image got sent out with a press release, and I made up some in-house signs.

The CG visualization of the exhibit in the space.

Construction began around in August. I was pretty hands off then, as they were mainly doing filtration and building the tanks. Finally they began on the shrimp boat and that’s when I became more involved. My backdrop had to match up with the physical object so I coordinated with everyone involved to make sure everything would match up. We discussed colors, shapes, where the positions would line up, etc.

Aquarium staff hard at work.

While they were building I started to really develop the backdrop. I had to be careful on making sure to coordinate what I was doing with the everyone involved on the project. My latest changes have been getting the boat finalized from a vector format to a raster one that I can paint on top of. I’ve also been researching and writing some of the graphics. I know a lot about horseshoe crabs now!

The backdrop so far with FPO elements overlaid.

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