Chicken Knight

Sometimes you just get bizarre ideas in your head and have to draw them!...

Interactive Bait Ball

Here is another example of my schooling fish and motion detection. It’s going to be used in an interactive kiosk to talk about predators and prey, about the strategies used for protecting themselves, and the ones used to exploit those strategies. You must have a webcam for this example to work, and it must be enabled, otherwise it might not look right. You can also view a larger version here. If it runs too slow then change the quality settings by right clicking.

Predator Prey Opening Title

Here is a video of an opening title I’m working on for an interactive kiosk. The fish move based on an algorithm I wrote, it’s not a pre-set animation. It’s modified off of my webcam motion sensitive algorithm I’ve posted about previously which I’ve posted (and subsequently improved). This will play in Flash on the kiosk, but it might be fun to experiment programming animations for more traditional things.

Water Ripples in Flash

Here’s another little fun thing I’ve been programming. Move your mouse through the water’s surface and click to interact with it. The artwork is really just filler graphics at this point.

Swarm Motion Control in Adobe Flash

There are lots of examples on the web of people doing motion detection in Flash. Here’s my own script to add to the mix. It’s for an interactive kiosk, but I figured I’d share the base code as it’s pretty fun to play around with. You can download the code here. I’m releasing it under the Creative Commons Share Alike license. If you use it please include a credit line and a link back to my site. The method for actually detecting the motion has been pretty well documented, but the part that stumped me was how to decide where the...

Motion Detection in Flash

Most of the time I can’t share what I’m working on while programming as there is nothing really visual to show. This little test that I’m working on is pretty cool though.