Animation Backdrop of Mushroom Forest

Here is an actual shot of what I want to do with the 3d CG mushrooms I posted before. After I finish this next episode of Mr. Rat I’m planning on doing another 30 second to 1 minute long hand drawn animation. The 3d mushrooms will be used as a bunch of the backdrops. I’m trying to go for more of a painterly feel with the style.

3d CG Mushroom Model

Here’s a little 3d model I put together for a future project. I composited the mushrooms into a forest scene. The finished product for the scene they will go in will be an entirely different scale.

Robot Model Continued

I have some more progress completed on this model. I went ahead and rendered it with some basic textures. More detail work to come, plus the rest the model, and then of course actual texturing and rigging.

New Robot Model

I started playing around with a new model for a little short a friend and I are working on. Expect more images in the next few weeks.This is definitely in the alpha stages of development.