Greg Tatum - Crafting with code and and paint (and a few other things)

Code and Art

There is an odd space in between the technical and the creative. They are typically thought of as opposites, but I like to think of them as different sides of the same coin. As both an artist and a programmer, I enjoy exploring this middle ground.

This site is a combination of a few things: a portfolio, a “sketch” blog, and a catch-all of the work I’ve done. It partly exists to show off my work, but it is also an archive of the ideas I’ve explored.

A little about myself: depending on the time of day that you talk to me I’m a programmer, illustrator, animator, marketer or graphic artist. My work spans from traditional mediums, to digital work, and everywhere in between. Feel free to leave me a message if you have any questions.

The Latest Sketches

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