Gravity #4 - Self Attraction with Friction

This poem doesn’t follow as strictly to the rules of Gravity. There is some friction that was tuned to make the arrows behave in an interesting manner, otherwise they didn’t stick together enough to be visually appealing.

Gravity #3 - Directed Gravitational Paths

NASA calculated orbital paths using slide rulers, this programming poems uses the mouse to direct arrows at “planetary” bodies. I enjoy trying to see how many loops I can make with it.

Gravity #2 - Multiple Black Holes

After creating the initial setup, the best thing to do is add even more to it. The first simulation used only one “black hole,” but this one uses 5 randomly spinning holes. I ended up changing the behaviors of the arrows a little bit as well.

Gravity #1 - Black Hole

After reading Neal Stephenson’s Anathema a second time, watching Cosmos, and of course that one movie with Sandra Bullock, I’ve spent some time thinking about gravity. This is my first in a series on exploring the math and physics behind it. I’m finding it pretty mesmerizing so far.