Growth - Fungal State

Growing geometry as I’ve come to find out is a fairly difficult programming problem to solve. Rather than regenerate geometry and figuring out the algorithms for connecting the topology of additional vertices and faces, I’m playing around with the manipulation of existing geometry. This particular algorithm is similar to other fungus-like growth patterns I’ve seen online. While mine didn’t get the same ordered feel as my references, I did quite enjoy the blobby growing effect. Video of Interaction The creation process About the codeThis example is built ontop of three.js. There aren’t any custom shaders with this one.

Growth - Incremental Additions

Growth in life is mesmerizing with the intricacies of the structures that are created. This programming poem series is an exploration of what happens with small incremental additions. The first installment features the dynamic growth of a 3d tree structure. Video of interaction The creation process The coding processI knew I wanted to start a growth series, but the topic seemed pretty difficult to even begin, so I started with what was comfortable, trees. I explored the idea of recursive tree functions with my previous Recursivity series. With this new code I took a much more functional approach,...