Recursivity #4 - Repeating Circles

This poem is built on a simple rule, take a circle, divide it in half, and then create two more circles. Every time you click, it goes down another level. I also paired it with some WebAudio generators. The circles are slightly offset in their rotation making the circles appear to have been drinking (go home circles, you’re drunk!)...

Recursivity #3 - Draw a beautiful fractal tree

I’m quite happy with the way this particular poem turned out. It’s very satisfying taking an idea and iterating on it enough to where the result becomes an entirely new experience. What’s funny about this particular piece is that I spent more time creating a specialized line simplifying algorithm that could draw cool bezier curves. I ended up throwing away most of that (beautiful) code and going for a much simpler solution.

Recursivity #2 - Branching Fractal Trees

The second poem in my fractal series explores the idea of branching structures. These really are starting to feel like organic vascular structures. The rules are still pretty simple. The biggest tweaking here are some of the ways that the rules change as the depth of the recursion is increased. The default branching rules were not quite as interesting without a little bit of adjustment.

Recursivity #1 - Koch Fractal

Launch the poem. Fork it on GitHub. I’m starting out a new series of programming poems using the idea of recursion. Recursion is done by taking the output of the previous operation as the input for the new operation. Lots of really crazy and interesting complexity can happen because of it. This is how fractals are generated.