Tavern Miniature

After watching many wonderful videos on YouTube for miniatures, I was inspired to do my own. I created this miniature during a time when I was having very mixed feelings about the NFT crypto-art scene. On one hand I really appreciate that some artists were able to make some money for their work, but it really changed the character of what people were posting and why. I decided to take a break from creative coding…

Journey of Oz

This is a rendered image from the Journey of Oz. In this shot the Wind-Up Smasher of Oz is chasing the heros of the story–TikTok, Scarecrow, and the Tin Woodsman. The backdrop is a miniature I built out of foam, plaster, and random parts. At this point I’m not planning on finishing the animation, so instead I’m rendering out various higher quality stills from the project.

Glass City Miniature

I started working on a new miniature of the glass city from Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz. The building are being built out of laser cut white acrylic. My nice neat stacks of parts got tumbled together in my car. Let’s see if I can sort them all out.


I forgot to post these. I’ve been working on my Trio of Oz miniature set. I’ve actually made more progress than this, but I’ll probably hold off posting any more until I finish. I’m hoping to be done by next week so I can start photographing it for real. I’ve also been re-working the storyboards. I’m adding a few things and tightening up some shots. It seems like when I do that it just gets longer…

Trees for the Miniature

I’m nearly done with all the models for my animation so I’ve started working on getting the miniature I’m animating on up to par. I decided that the clockworld was too bare and needed some nice little foliage to give it some depth. Here are some trees that I’m working on for it. Floral wire wrapped around in the shape of a tree. Then I coated the wire with a bunch of latex caulk. I bought the squeezable…