2D Session 006 - Point Clumping

This session has points that get generated, and then clump together. They start to break down when the simulation starts taking too long to draw.

2D Session 005 - Torn Apart

I’ve never done verlet integration before. I didn’t write on from scratch, but happened upon an old npm module, verlet-system from Matt DesLauries. I was happy about that, and so ended up with this current session.

2D Session 004 - Exponential Growth

Copy and pasting from the last 2d session, this iteration adds subdiving behavior. Entities must gather enough resources to survive and subdivide. This ends up modeling an exponential boom and bust cycle.

2D Session 002 - Follow Your Buddy

This not a boids algorithm, but rather is a simple following algorithm. One entity randomly follows another entity, while a few randomly wander to help break up the uniformity.

2D Session 001 - Tick Tock

This is the first in a new session series, focusing on drawing with 2d. There is something very nice and immediate about working in a 2d space. I’m guessing this series will have more simple output compared to the 3d sessions.