Shark Exhibit

The Shark Adventure exhibit at the Oklahoma Aquarium is one of the defining galleries of the facility. One of my projects was to renovate and theme the “dry” areas around the tank. The approach to the exhibit and the ramps leading to the walk-through shark tunnel were completely reworked as if they were part of the same pelagic (open-water) environment that the sharks themselves inhabit.

The designs and artwork are all combinations of photos, digital paintings, and 3d computer generated artwork. They were done in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Newtek Lightwave 3d. The walls were painted in bands of color and then I went back and blended it all in with an airbrush.

Shark Exhibit - Entrance
Shark Exhibit - Left Ramp
Shark Exhibit - Right Ramp
Shark Exhibit - Shark Cage
Shark Exhibit - Schooling Fish Mural
Shark Exhibit - Oil Rig Graphic
Shark Exhibit - Megalodon Mural
Shark Exhibit - Bubble Graphic

Original Concepts

Shark Exhibit Concept - Left Ramp
Shark Exhibit Concept - Right Ramp
Shark Exhibit Concept - Entrance

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