Arapaima, Sea Nettle, and Crab Mural

Aquarium Exhibits Mural

It’s been awhile since I posted much here. I’m going to post some of the things I’ve been working on here in the next few days and try and catch up a bit. Here is a mural and gallery title graphic that I put together. The requested direction for the graphic was to have a bunch of animals on a mural that would draw visitors into the exhibit galleries.

The mural is printed vinyl and PVC on vinyl for the gallery titles. I produced the actual artwork on paper with gouache, colored pencils, and ink. I then photographed it, and prepared it for digital printing. There was a bit of a change after I had finished all of the artwork when it was decided that there couldn’t be an octopus in the piece. I swapped it out for the pictured sea nettle. You can see the original octopus graphic below as well as a shot of the in-progress graphic with my original graphite sketch overlaid in tracing paper.

Biodiversity Mural Illustration Biodiversity Mural Progress

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