Session 006 - Sci Fi Interface

SESSIONS is a project consisting of individual sessions of WebGL programming, with the goal of focusing on being prolific, and creating some kind of output.

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Shout out to Mikko Haapoja for this one. He made a series of npm modules awhile back with the idea of creating some sci fi interfaces. I took his npm modules and ran with the idea. I looked up a bunch of reference for what they look like, and then took my own stab. I’m doing some horrible things performance-wise on how to draw the scene, but my machine could take it. Noteably, this was my first time to include some post-processing work. With the 1970-1980s retro sci-fi screens in Rogue One, there was lots of art being shared on twitter in this space, so I had to go for some CRT-like distortions.

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