Session 009 - Microscopism

SESSIONS is a project consisting of individual sessions of WebGL programming, with the goal of focusing on being prolific, and creating some kind of output.

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I’m quite happy with the organic nature of this demo. The math definitely got away from me on this one, but it looked pretty so I kept it. The camera positioning is completely computed wrong, but I have some of the same warbling from the previous demo. I also combined it with post processing effects to try and give it the effect of a microscope peering down at some microscoping blob, and having it pop in and out of focus.

I believe I started this in trying to figure out how to use environment maps in an object. I love that the lighting is completely faked here, and the internal glows are GL points that I manually added. It really gives it a sense of internal structure and of things going on internally.

Credit: Environment map of Oregon (ogd-oregon-360.jpg) due to Max Ogden (@maxogd on GitHub)

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